39 Suchergebnisse

Don Besig: A special night [Oo] [|Il]
kenianisches Volkslied: African Noel [Oo] [|Il]
Lorenz Maierhofer: Afrika [Oo] [|Il]
Jeff Guillen: Ain't That a Rocking [Oo] [|Il]
Kirby Shaw: Calypso Carol [Oo] [|Il]
Bob Chilcott: Can You Hear Me [Oo] [|Il]
John Dowland: Come again [Oo] [|Il]
Old Irish Air: Danny Boy [Oo] [|Il]
Heinrich Schütz: Das ist je gewißlich wahr [Oo] [|Il]
Jürgen Lissewsky: Didn't it rain [Oo] [|Il]
Thomas Lui Scholz: Don Quijote [Oo] [|Il]
Georg Augustin Holler (1744-1814): Eja, pastores venite (Pastorella) [Oo] [|Il]
Bart Howard: Fly me to the moon [Oo] [|Il]
Manfred Menke: Freibier-Rap [Oo] [|Il]
Warren Casey und Jim Jacobs: Grease – A New Broadway Medley [Oo] [|Il]
Erik Bjorn Lund: Great day [Oo] [|Il]
Hartmut Hein: Halloween-Klamauk [Oo] [|Il]
Readdy: jazz-it, While Sheperds Rocked, 6 jazzy arrangements of Christmas carols for voices [Oo] [|Il]
Peter Schindler: Max und die Käsebande – Criminal in zwei Akten [Oo] [|Il]
Anna Laura Page (*1943): May the Lord go with you [Oo] [|Il]
Joe Hisaishi: Mononoke Hime (Prinzessin Mononoke) [Oo] [|Il]
Marvin Hamlisch: One [Oo] [|Il]
V. Clarke: Only you [Oo] [|Il]
Irving Berlin: Puttin' On The Ritz [Oo] [|Il]
Doreen Rao: Siyahamba [Oo] [|Il]
Leo Mathisen: Take it easy [Oo] [|Il]
John Lennon / Paul McCartney: The Beatles In Revue [Oo] [|Il]
L. Bricusse / A. Newley: The Candy Man [Oo] [|Il]
engl. Traditional: The cuckoo [Oo] [|Il]
Traditional: The Lullaby Choirbook [Oo] [|Il]
Paul Simon (*1942): The Sound of Silence [Oo] [|Il]
Michel Legrand: The windmills of your mind [Oo] [|Il]
L. Maierhofer: This little light of mine [Oo] [|Il]
Peter Schindler: Urwaldsong [Oo] [|Il]
Ludwig Hahn: Vetrauen auf Gott [Oo] [|Il]
Klaus Wüsthoff: Weihnachtskantate für junge Leute [Oo] [|Il]
Jack Halloran: Witness [Oo] [|Il]
Griechisches Volkslied: Xekina mja psaropula [Oo] [|Il]
Joseph M. Martin: A Festive Psalm [Oo] [|Il]